Episode 19: The $500 Million Question??

power promo 2-16-15

If you received $500 million dollars tomorrow, what would you do with it? How would that money change your life? How would you use it to change the lives of others? A failure to plan for it is a pain for failure. We can never receive what we aren’t prepared for. Possibly the reason why we haven’t received the abundance we want in our lives,is because we haven’t made space and prepared ourselves for it. Lets learn how to prepare ourselves for whats in store for us.

Episode 18: Getting Back On Track

power promo 2-9-15

We are 40 days into this New Year. Are you on track to accomplish all the goals you set this year? This year WILL NOT be like all the others. We will learn how to stay on target to accomplish all of our goals, & get back on track if we’ve gotten derailed. Lets evaluate what we have done the first 40 days of this year, and make whatever adjustments we need to get back on the right course. I will also share(for the first time) some of the techniques i used to build my first multi-million dollar business.