Episode 208: Thinking Outside The Box

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Those who do not think outside the box are easily contained
– Nicolas Manetta
The reason why most people stay stuck where they are at is because they are using the same level of thinking that got them in the problem to get out of the problem. That same thinking will keep you exactly where you are. To excel you have got to think outside the box. This week we look at some strategies that will help us to start thinking at a bigger level than the level are problems are at.

Episode 207: Self Belief is Everything

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 Confidence is something you create within yourself by believing in who you are…..The amount of belief we have in our ability to attain our dreams is one of the biggest factors that will determine whether or not we accomplish them. This week we will learn how to build the belief that we have in ourselves because Self Belief is Everything!!!

Episode 205: Walking In Integrity

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Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching – C.S. Lewis
One of the most important traits that anyone can possess is Integrity. Its not only important to do whats right when everyone is watching. It’s equally important to do the right thing when no one is watching. This week we will break down what it means to walk in Integrity, as well as learn a few ways that we can use to walk in Integrity.

Episode 204: Billion Dollar Thoughts

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Life’s too short to hang out with people who aren’t resourceful. – Jeff Bezos

Most billionaires started out right where we are at, not a billionaire, and most likely not even a millionaire. They aren’t more special than us, they just think a little different than us. If we can study and emulate how they think, we can get some of the same results that they have. This week we will study the thoughts of some of the most successful billionaires. 

Episode 201: Becoming A Money Magnet

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You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will forever control you – Dave Ramsey — Why is it that the attaining and maintaining of money is so hard for most people? Attaining great wealth is not hard once you understand and apply the laws that govern of money. Yes there are laws that govern money, and if you understand them, you will be able to become a money magnet and attract all the money you want in your life. If not, you will always repel money.