Episode 46: Keep Getting Better

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**Do you think that life is supposed to get easier as you get older? Nope. It just doesn’t work like that. But guess what? You get better as you get wiser. We either learn to play the game of life, or we get played by the game of life. Once you learned to master something, it hasn’t gotten easier, you just got better. Remember, It doesn’t get easier, you just keep getting better. ***

Episode 44: What’s Keeping You Stuck?

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This week we are learning the last 6 laws of achievement. Learn them, and your destined to success, don’t learn them, & you knowwww..lol… We will also look at some of the things that hold us back and keep us stuck, and begin the process to get unstuck. In order to get unstuck, we have to first identify whats holding us back. This is a can’t miss show.