Episode 18: Getting Back On Track

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We are 40 days into this New Year. Are you on track to accomplish all the goals you set this year? This year WILL NOT be like all the others. We will learn how to stay on target to accomplish all of our goals, & get back on track if we’ve gotten derailed. Lets evaluate what we have done the first 40 days of this year, and make whatever adjustments we need to get back on the right course. I will also share(for the first time) some of the techniques i used to build my first multi-million dollar business.

2 Comments Episode 18: Getting Back On Track

  1. Phil todd

    Hi Mark, I’ve really enjoyed listening to your calls! You are doing a fantastic job giving out such inspiring, encouraging messages to so many people. I’m very proud of you.! I always like hearing the success stories of guys like Chris Matthews & Malcolm B. Keep up the GREAT WORK..Sincerely, Uncle Phil:)


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