How The Game Is Won – Episode 2: Coach Mark’s Story


You hear Coach Mark every week on Power In A Half Hour, now its time to hear his own personal story. Come listen as the tables get turned for one week and instead of Coach Mark doing the interviewing, Coach Mark gets interviewed as his shares his struggles, setback and eventual successes. This is a story that you dont want to miss.

2 Comments How The Game Is Won – Episode 2: Coach Mark’s Story

  1. Phil todd

    Hey Mark, just finished listening to your personal story interview.. That wAs So AWeVery INSPIRING. !! You have really come a very long way & paid your dues & it has Definitely paid Off. I heard all the names you mentioned & I think you may have forgotten our Buddy- LES BROWN, perhaps I missed it.:) Any how Luv listening every week. I have to catch the playback since I”m working Mon nites or playing Table Tennis.. Have u started bike riding yet? Take care. Unc P.::)

    1. admin

      Hey Uncle P — Its so funny you mention Les Brown, because right after i finished, it hit me that i forgot him, and he has been so influential in my life… When i come down there, for a few days, I’m going to have to play you in Table Tennis… I haven’t bought my bike yet, but I’m going to buy it sometime this week.. I actually went to the store and saw the one i wanted, i just didn’t have my truck so i said i would come back for it..


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