Episode 47: Let The Haters Hate

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Whoever is trying to bring you down is already below you. In life, we are going to have haters. Most of the time, the people hating on you really hate themselves. Although we know this, it can get difficult dealing with these critics. This week we will learn some strategies to dealing with these haters and how to make our haters become our motivators. Remember, when they hate on you, its because you have something they want.

1 Comment Episode 47: Let The Haters Hate

  1. Phil todd

    Hi Mark, good message.! Man I have dealt with haters on my job for the past 25years! All for different reasons over the years.. My current haters are 3 fellow jamaician guys for the past 15 years & I have learned so much from dealing with them. It’s become a fun challenge to ignore their antics..Also when I make a comment on youtube about a controversial video, I make it a point to not even open the replies anymore no matter how tempting it is to read it. I immediately hit delete b/c 99.99% of the time it’s always negative. Btw, Let me know when u mail the shirt so I can look for it. thanks.. Take care. Unc P:)


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