Episode 29: Don’t Quit, Just Do It!!! Don’t Quit, Just Do It!!

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More Important Than The Amount Of Talent That You Have IS The Amount of Perseverance That You Have… Perseverance And ConsistencyNot Only beats Talent & Money Any day, It Kills It Every Day.. Staying Consistent Turns “If It Will Happen” to “When It Happens”…. If You Want To Know How To Build Up Your Consistency & persistency, Come Learn Exactly How…

2 Comments Episode 29: Don’t Quit, Just Do It!!! Don’t Quit, Just Do It!!

  1. Phil todd

    Hi Mark, Good call as always! Quick update I Only have 4 more lbs to loose so I’m almost there. Thanks for the encouragement:) One last thing, can you call out co-workers, well-meaning friends ,relatives instead of saying that “Uncle ” that gives out the bad advice in your calls..:):) Stay Blessed. Unc P.

    1. admin

      AWesome Uncle P – by the time you read this, you would’ve probably lost the 4lbs. :-) When you come to Atlanta, we can go to the Silver Comet Bike Trail. Right after i told you that i was going to get a bike, a buddy of mine called me up about getting one as well, so I’m going to start looking for one this weekend. Congratulations on the weight loss. And of course, i will start saying your negative friends instead of uncle.. lol… i laughed for about 5 minutes when i read your post :-)..


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