Episode 27: Time For Change

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Life Changes When You Change… Life Doesn’t Have To Continue To Be A Drag.. Is It Time For A Change? — Coach Mark’s Power In A Half Hour!!! Monday, April 13th, 2015 @ 9pm EST, Call in # 404-793-7050 —When You Feel Stuck & Down & Out, The Most Comforting Thing To Know Is That You Can Change. Not Next Month, Or Next Year.. But Right Now… You Hold The Power To Instantly Make your Life Better Right Now..  Come Find Out Exactly How… Tune in this Monday Night.

2 Comments Episode 27: Time For Change

  1. Phil todd

    Hi Mark, just have a quick testimony to share with you. I Finally committed to losing weight to lower my blood pressure & cholesterol by riding my bike 5 miles a day & eating healthier. Just last week a PIT Bull came after me as I was riding and I had to jump off the bike since he caught up to me.! I used the bike as a weapon and told him to get back as I was TERRIFIED!! He then took off running away. Thank GOD. My first thought was to quit riding & give up. But I said No WAY. I have lost 8 lbs so far and have 6 more lbs to loose. I am saying my daily affirmations everyday & realize I have to press in and NEVER GIVe in to the ENEMY! Keep up the Great work. Uncle Phil.

    1. admin

      Hey Uncle P — First And Foremost — Congratulations… That is awesome.. Your making me want to go get a bike.. As a Matter of fact, I’m going to commit to buying one before my birthday in May… You are so right, you just got to keep pressing on, and just focusing on the end goal, not the obstacles… That is awesome.. Please keep me updated as to when you hit that weight loss goal… Thank You again for sharing…


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